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CQC Enforcement

Since the introduction of the CQC’s new Enforcement Policy, increased numbers of Registered Providers are finding themselves in critical situations that is having a negative impact on their businesses. Enforcement is a core part of CQC’s role and their approach to enforcement is central to their overall purpose and objectives as the Regulator. NetworkCare UK successfully supports Providers with moving out of enforcement situations and into compliance. Whether you have received a Notice of Proposal or warning notices, our expert team will work in partnership with you to enable improvement and compliance.

We support this process by providing:

  • Expert knowledge and support at the early stages of enforcement so that your management team are aware of what to expect and what action to take.

  • An expert consultant to you and your management team who will advise and guide you through the enforcement process.


  • Access to legal support who are experts in the CQC Enforcement process


  • Development of robust enforcement action plans that quickly assists the improvement process


  • Essential audits and documentation to evidence achievement of your compliance

  • Interim management of services in crisis


  • Support with multi-agency meetings as required

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