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Regulation 17 (Good Governance) is now being closely monitored for compliance by the CQC. Registered Providers are required to have an effective governance system in place that assesses, monitors and drives improvement in the quality and safety of the services provided.

NetworkCare UK supports providers with effective Governance by:

  • Introducing and developing a governance structure specific to your organisation's needs, to identify, capture and manage the issues and risks as per the 5 questions asked by CQC.

  • Introducing an audit calendar to assist you with the strategic planning and management of audits, their findings and subsequent work.


  • Assisting you with maintaining comprehensive records in respect of people who use the service, employment of staff and the overall management of the regulated activity.

  • Supporting you to assess, monitor and mitigate any risks relating the health, safety and welfare of people using services and others.


  • Assisting you with a system that seeks and acts on feedback from people using the service, those acting on their behalf, staff and other stakeholders, so that you can evaluate the service and drive improvement.

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